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Heisenberg Technology new products come out
Time: 2014-10-17 12:32:55     Copyfrom: Heisenberg

Heisenberg techonlogy latest series of pipeline products in various industries have supported stereo measurement technology and high-definition imaging characteristics, mainly for the efficient and precise detection of the long pipeline. Owing to the engineering and technical personnel can not make further narrow pipeline inspection equipment inside, so many important pipeline can not be achieved effectively maintain, especially to withstand long pipeline welding and valves greater pressure at the interface, there are many security risks, in the event of gas leaks, burst water pipes and other accidents, the consequences could be disastrous. Heisenberg techonlogy using advanced three-dimensional measurement techniques to solve this problem, the end of the history of industrial endoscopes can not guarantee accurate measurement and long-distance video transmission in a narrow line. 

Product Pipeline Road obtain various industries through two parallax image information lens, allows the operator to accurately measure the object to be detected from any angle. Thanks Heisenberg techonlogy leading optical imaging technology, businesses pipeline road product family also owns a highlight lighting systems, imaging unit consisting of high-performance image processor, high-definition imaging results clearly and completely restore the pipeline interior scene, small rust and metal cracks in the endoscope have become undetected. In order to improve the efficiency of industrial equipment to check measurements, IPLEX also uses a very compact design, the industrial endoscope lines and a small display and control terminal composition, a worker can carry, independent completion of the internal probe and measuring a large number of pipeline . Various industries Pipeline Road family also has a waterproof, dustproof, shockproof capability, moisture, maintain stable and reliable measurement of high-temperature environments. According to the actual needs of users, businesses Road Products Pipeline segment a variety of products to choose from, including a pipeline to detect the depth of the longest product support has reached 30 meters long, can meet a variety of application requirements. 

Heisenberg techonlogy various industries Pipeline Road Series with three-dimensional measurement, high-definition imaging technology, as long pipeline inspection brings new standards, engineers can use the IPLEX measure boilers, pressure vessels, heat exchangers and other facilities inside the welding, important parameters blockage, corrosion, cracks, etc., higher detection efficiency helps workers to help detect security risks to discover important pipeline to avoid gas leaks, water stop for factories and other large area paralyzed major accidents, effective protection of economic construction and livelihood security. 

Today, Heisenberg techonlogy industries products to various industrial endoscope leading edge technology in the field of manufacturing and energy industries have been widely used to take up a quality control and production safety responsibility. The industrial endoscope itself is also advancing with the development of technology, with the computer image processing technology, print technology, network technology to join, endoscope image capture, storage, processing and analysis, such as standard operating procedures are gradually entered the information age. Heisenberg techonlogy since 2011 to enter the field of industrial endoscopes, continue to develop a forward-looking industrial piping products, social recognition and status in the industry through continuous hard work achieved. 

Future, Heisenberg techonlogy development pipeline industries will track product family as an opportunity to continue based on the commanding heights of industry, research and development of more innovative technologies landmark, comprehensive services in the areas of aerospace, manufacturing, electricity, energy and other industries destructive device detection business, to meet the different users of the growing industrial endoscope product performance requirements. Meanwhile, Heisenberg techonlogy also look through universal industrial endoscope product applications for life safety of the public and build a solid barrier, implemented using innovative technology to defend the life of a beautiful business vision.